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Michaela Lehr

is a creative front-end developer and designer. She specializes in UX and WebVR, and co-founded the studio GeilDanke. In her free time she travels round the world, practices yoga, and watches way too much Buffy.

A moment with Michaela Lehr

[Q] Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Sure. I am Michaela, a frontend developer and UX designer from Berlin, Germany. Five years ago, I co-founded a web development studio with my partner. It’s called GeilDanke, which is German for “Awesome, thanks!”. Since then we work on web applications and hybrid apps for clients and customers. What I really love about my work is the freedom to choose what I want to work on next. The freedom to learn new things, experimenting and even failing, is what I prefer about being independent.

[Q] Is this your first trip to Melbourne? Or Australia? Do you have other plans for your trip?

Yes. It’s my first trip to Australia and my first trip to the southern hemisphere. That’s why I am planning to stay in Australia until the end of December and to visit not only Melbourne, but also Cairns, the Gold Coast and Sydney. I am really looking forward to the trip and the conference. I think both - conference and trip - will be the best and most exciting experience I had in a long time.

[Q] Do you skydive, knit, play the banjo, cycle or do anything that isn’t on a computer?

Yes 😊 I knit, hike, and practice Yoga. I used to play the harp, but I stopped playing it for almost ten years and I just started to exercise again. And before I forget: Last year, when I lived on the Canaries for some months, I started to learn surfing. I am not very good, but I really liked it and am really looking forward to start doing it again. Maybe I’ll get the chance in Australia at the end of the year.

[Q] What was the best non-tech job you have ever had?

I used to work as an editor for a gaming magazine. I know now, that writing isn’t something I could do for the rest of my life, but playing games and writing about them was really fun for some years.

[Q] What can’t you wait for browsers to support?

You probably guessed it already: I cannot wait for browsers to support the APIs and features needed to run VR applications.


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