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Jess Telford

Jess loves JavaScript and the open source community built around it. He has supported it by contributing to 200 OSS projects, founding 2 very popular Sydney meetups, and teaching intro to JS classes!

A moment with Jess Telford

[Q] Have you worked in industries other than the web?

Yes! From a very young age, I was interested in making computer games. The passion I nurtured and developed through the years lead to me studying a 4 year degree in computer science, majoring in Computer Games Technology. I then worked in the industry for a period of time before quickly realizing the web was where it’s at.

[Q] Of all the places you have lived/visited, what was the one you like the best? Why?

Iceland is my favourite holiday destination so far! The amazing landscape and quirky fun culture there can’t be matched. We had a snowball fight on top of a glacier; how cool is that!?

[Q] What will you be talking about at JSConf?

Location Aware Augmented Reality games have suddenly become extremely popular. And it turns out that browsers are already powerful enough build such a game in 100% JS, all with open source! It’s an amazing intersection of technologies and trends, one that I hope more and more people will adopt.

[Q] What is your worst travel experience?

On the second to last day of our honeymoon, my wife & I’s luggage got stolen from our car :( We lost a lot of our travel photos (remember to have backups, kids!), all the momentos, and even our clothes. If we could get just one thing back it would be the daily handwritten diary we’d kept to log all our amazing experiences in.

[Q] Do your dream job 10 years from now, what would it be?

Working to move people (and hopefully myself) to Mars in some capacity. If that’s building AR experiences in whatever the future browsers look like to sell a Total Recall like experience, or working on data visualizations with NASA / SpaceX / Virgin Galactic engineers, I’ll be happy as a kid with cake!


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